Belmont House
A magical venue for holidays and events

Gardens and Grounds

The formal gardens at Belmont lie in front of the house – 3 square walled enclosures with interconnecting crosspaths. The designed landscape reaches as far as the sea, with gateways, gate piers and boundary walls making a framework for the house itself.

It is likely that the east garden was used for vegetables and the west was a pleasure garden. The crosspaths of the central garden are bordered with daffodils, a so far unidentified variety planted c 1890. Developing the gardens at Belmont house is an ongoing project to promote biodiversity, encourage wildlife and provide and amenity area with public access. The gardens are managed as a community asset with volunteer labour and the plants have been donated by friends and supporters of the project. Working days are held during the summer when trustees and volunteers develop and maintain the grounds.
Guests are welcome to use the gardens at any time. There are garden seats and a pavilion to sit in.