Belmont House
A magical venue for holidays and events

The Belmont Trust

The Belmont Trust was formed in 1996 with the aim of saving and restoring Belmont House. After negotiating its purchase, the Belmont Trust raised over £1.2 million to first buy and restore the house.

Nearly all the work carried out by local craftspeople. With the completion of the restoration project in 2011 the Belmont Trust have focused on maintaining and safeguarding the building for the future. Costs are high, with regular external and internal maintenance required to preserve the building against the severe northern climate.

All profits from Belmont are reinvested the house to enhance it for the future benefit of the community. We are currently raising funds to enable us to add a sustainable energy source and to convert the outbuilding on site into a space to hold a wider range of workshops and events than we are able to at present.

The Belmont Trust is a registered charity, Scottish Charity Number SC025846.