Belmont House
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Autumn Migrants flock to Unst!

October 27th 2013

Every year migrant birds pass through Shetland in the spring and autumn, this year appears to be exceptional for sightings of rare species.

Unst had had more than its fair share with lots of sightings reported on the website. You can keep up to date with sighting on the Nature in Shetland facebook page.

With no trees for over a mile around Belmont our developing garden might be established enough to provide shelter, food and rest for some of these little birds.

Certainly our trees are now growing well having quietly developed good roots but little topgrowth for their first 3 or 4 years.

Belmont would be a great base for a birdwatching holiday in spring or autumn. It is ideally located to see any bird arriving in Unst and you can easily jump on a ferry to access the rest of Shetland. Warm baths and showers await when you arrive back from a blustery day out birdwatching.