Belmont House
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Longer days!

February 2nd 2017

The days are becoming noticeably brighter and longer again after midwinter. Storms Barbara and Connor were particularly wild over Christmas and New Year but we survived with minimal damage, just a couple of trees in the garden were blown over.
We are now into the Shetland Up Helly Aa season with the Scalloway one, thefirst, held on the 6 January. The biggest, in Lerwick, was held as it always is, on the last tuesday in January and that is then followed by others, including our two in Unst at Norwick and Uyeasound. These are always spectacular to watch with processions dressed in Viking costumes and other topical themes, marching with flaming torches and the burning of Viking galleys. Fun evenings in the local halls follow when the different squads in the procession perform their acts!