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George Jamieson

November 27th 2021

The recent passing of George Jamieson of Uyeasound, Unst, is a sad occasion. He will be missed by many. In the course of a full life he numbered among his many achievements his service as a trustee of the Belmont Trust. In this, as in his decisive chairmanship of the Uyeasound Waterfront Trust, he made a unique contribution to the viability of his native island, Unst. He was never one to sit back and criticise others, he got out there and did his bit. In George's case, it was a big bit.

George was himself an exemplar of aspiration in education. Aspiration got him out of Shetland to gain his science degree, and brought him back to become an inspirational teacher, and, in due course, Head Teacher of the Anderson High School. In that role I met him regularly, and saw at first hand, in the school and the wider child care community, the effect of his positive, dynamic leadership.

His interests were wide ranging. He was a fund of knowledge of local history, presented with verve and understanding - his summer guided walks round Uyeasound brought the landscape to life and were always over subscribed. And he looked furth Shetland with a seeing eye, his analysis stimulating and acute. He and Lorraine, endlessly hospitable, welcomed friends frae aa the airts to their homes in Unst and Lerwick. George was a true person, an outstanding Shetlander.

For all of us who loved him, a light has gone out.

Wendy Scott

Trustee, the Belmont Trust