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Making music at Belmont - and recording an album there

November 8th 2017

In 2013, Shetland fiddle supergroup Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag ( the name is about full-on partying and the Norse word for a band involving fiddles and other instruments) released their second CD, '500 Sessions'. They'd wanted to make music and record it in an atmospheric setting that was near their homes in Shetland but apart, remote but civilised, comfortable; luxurious, but able to provide the facilities and room necessary for recording an album. They chose Belmont House, imported some state of the art recording gear, and in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere, played, wrote and recorded. In Davie Gardner's review for Shetland News, he described it as "a wonderful piece of work", and said:

"The album has had a significant gestation period, during which the band locked themselves away in inspirational hidey-holes such as Belmont House, in Unst, to record at their leisure and allow this particular musical monster to slowly mutate."

You can buy the album and listen to some of the music at the band's website. Or if you have Spotify, listen to the whole thing here.

And if you're a musician, not only should you look out for our planned musical masterclass weekends, featuring local and visiting artists - but if you fancy turning Belmont into a recording studio for a weekend, a week or a month, we're here to help with everything from microphone and guitar hire to catering and session musicians.

Belmont sounds great!