Belmont House
A magical venue for holidays and events


January 16th 2019

I was rummaging in the freezer the other day looking for something different to all the heavy food we’d eaten over the christmas and I came across bags of chopped up rhubarb languishing near the bottom – yes, the freezer does need a good clear out. We made a few pots of rhubarb jam, with ginger. The rhubarb was picked at Belmont last May, just before it bloomed. I was driving away from Belmont heading towards the ferry terminal when I spotted it, a 30 metre border of rhubarb at its best. Not a fancy desert rhubarb with thin red stems, just the old thick stemmed stuff that grows all over Shetland and sends up spectacular frothy cream flowering spikes. It’s probably been here since Belmont was built in the 1770’s, likely used more then than it is now. It would have been a welcome fresh taste in the days before shipments of fresh fruit were readily available in Shetland.