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Walking in Unst

April 9th 2014
The coastline at Westing looking towards the island of Yell.
The coastline at Westing looking towards the island of Yell.

Visitors from outside Shetland often ask us about access to the countryside and where they can walk. Basically you can walk anywhere, just leave gates as you find them and try to avoid disturbing lambs and young ponies in the early summer. The open countryside of Unst, and most of Shetland, offers great walking and on most walks you are unlikely to see anyone else. You can find hidden beaches and miles of clifftop walking.

Near Belmont a favourite walk is along the coast to the nearby Broch. It doesn't look much from a distance but once you are there you can't fail to be impressed by the huge ramparts and impressive setting. Further up the coast at Westings there is another impressive broch site also with huge earth ramparts.

The east coast of Unst offers easy coastal walking: start at Eastings beach (Sandwick on maps) and head north calling along the small cemetary with early christian graves. You pass old abandoned settlement sites and you can walk all the way north to Baltasound. The north end of Unst offers the cliffs at Hermaness and views over Muckle Flugga. With puffins and gannets to see this is a wonderful walk and there are boardwalks over the muddiest parts.

Please take care and be equipped with suitable footwear and clothing. There are ordnance survey maps in Belmont to plan your walk and you'll also find mugs, flasks and containers for picnics.