Belmont House
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Weddings at Belmont House

September 8th 2015

Last month saw another wedding in Belmont House, we seem to be managing at least one wedding per year since we opened.

Since Belmont House has been open as a self catering property it has hosted a number of weddings. Holding a wedding in Belmont House is nothing new. Belmont House was built in 1775 and we think it hosted the first wedding in 1811. The wedding took place between Margaret Mouat and Captain William Cameron. Margaret was the niece of Thomas Mouat who built Belmont House. Thomas and his wife Elizabeth were unable to have children and brought Margaret up as their own child, after her mother died during the pregnancy or birth of her second child. Margaret was extremely close to Thomas and Elizabeth and although she referred to them as Auntie and Uncle she loved them as though they were her parents.

In 1811 Margaret married Captain William Cameron. Apparently Margaret was quite a catch and had turned down a raft of pursuers, but William Cameron who had come to Shetland initially to attract men in to the army managed to “woo” Margaret. The photo shows a wedding that took place in 2012..