Belmont House
A magical venue for holidays and events

Visitor Comments

The moment, nearly two years ago, when I learned of what was being done at Belmont I said to myself “I must have a bit of that, and for the Solstice!” Straightaway I began to pester the Trustees and got what I wanted.... The reality fully justified the dream: you have done so well. And a great place to bring nine friends.

DK and friends

What a privilege to stay at Belmont House! We’ve been blessed with some glorious weather, enjoyed the light, skies, waters and glistening sands. Thank you for the buckets and spades. Loved watching the seals at Haroldswick bay.

S Family.

Sad to say goodbye to this house – stuffed with modern luxuries.... You’ve done a great job and we feel blessed to have stayed in it and pretend it was our house for a week.


It is just fabulous – what a wonderful setting overlooking Bluemull with its ever-changing light, and the little ferry to-ing and fro-ing. I shall miss it when back home in the bowels of South London.

A & AS. London