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About Unst

Unst is the most northerly of the Shetland Isles. Just 12 miles by 5, there are majestic cliffs, jagged sea stacks, sheltered inlets, golden beaches and fertile farmland where purebred Shetland sheep and ponies roam the common grazing land.

Astounding Wildlife

Unst is a major European breeding site for seabirds including gannets, puffins, guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and shags as well as skuas, arctic skuas and whimbrels.

Seals and porpoises are common and you may well see otters and killer whales. Cliff walking and bird watching are to be had easily, but Hermaness National Nature Reserve offers an unforgettable day out.

Unst's other nature reserve is the Keen of Hamar NNR with its specialist terrain and rare and endemic plants.

Access to the countryside is freely available. We ask that you respect the agricultural way of life. Leave gates as you find them and observe the countryside code. Take nothing but photographs; leave nothing but footprints.

We can help to arrange guided walks, guided fishing trips, bird watching and tours of the island if requested. Please contact us to find out more.

Attractions and Activities

Unst's many attractions range from the archaeological sites of the Viking Unst project and 16thc. Muness Castle to the Heritage Centre, Boat Haven, Muckle Flugga Lighthouse shore station and the two national nature reserves at Hermaness and Keen of Hamar.

Unst is a great place for kids to explore. They will love the reconstructed Viking ship and Longhouse at Haroldswick, and learning to fish in the wonderful Boat Haven, where you can learn about the maritime history of Unst. There are sandy beaches galore and a swimming pool at the local leisure centre for rainy days.

Guided tours and walks, fishing trips and sea or loch angling can be arranged locally. Full details of the attractions and local shops in Unst are in a guest folder. For more information visit: and

Local walks

Following the coast route north from Belmont House is a gentle walk for sightseeing, wildlife encounters and archaeological sites on the island.

A short walk along the coastline from Belmont House will take you to Belmont Broch. Also up the gentle hillside to the east of Belmont you'll find an ancient Norse Farmstead. Both walks are unique to Belmont. Continue upwards and you come to a small lighthouse commanding a spectacular view over the islands of Yell and Fetlar.

There are several walking 'trails' around Unst with full details in the in-house materials at Belmont.

Further afield the ferry service gives easy access to the islands of Yell and Fetlar, both with many attractions to offer.